EASB Regional Northwest Tour 6 & Final Rankings

Paul Deaville wins Regional Junior Tour 6 to claim the double points for the Tour beating Michael Roberts in the semi final 2-0 while Lewis Ullah beat Kayden Brierley, then beat Lewis 2-1 in the final.

EASB Regional Junior Tour Northwest Series Rankings

1Kayden Brierley2001602002502503201380
2Lewis Ullah16020101611614021085
3Paul Deaville1600160200105001030
4Saiful Amin25025025016000910
5Michael Roberts1016016110161320822
6Ryan Pinnington0000201100301
7Michael Southworth050000100150
8Paul Clynes050000050
9Luke Flanagan000004040
10Eden Samuels-Timperley520555040
11Anthony Wall0201000030
12Bilal Iqbal-Willan010000010
13Sean Mcadam0000000

Northwest 16 and Under Tour 3 Bolton Snooker Club

Northwest Under 16s Junior Tour Championship 3 at Bolton

With 22 players entering today it was a fantastic day with as you can see some interesting results in the table in Group A saw Sean Maddocks who never lost a frame all day win the group.

Paul Deaville who tied with Kayden Brierley and Paul went through on aggregate difference on their tied head to head match as Group B Winner.

Jack Johnson narrowly went through against Luke Flanagan by just 2 points on aggregate in their tied head to head match as Group C Winner.

In Group D Brad Ferguson Win the Group, together with Group E Winner Eden Timperley who also only lost frame all day.

Group F Winner was Zak England who never lost a frame all day.

In the playoffs Sean played Eden winning 2-0 and Paul played Zak also winning 2-0.

Semi Finals saw Brad play Jack and Bard Knocking in a marvelous 75 Break and won 2-0, with Sean beating Paul 2-0 in his semi final, going on to play Brad in the Final.

The Final seen Sean make the day his by not only beating Brad, but also to not even lose a frame, with this the 3rd Tour he has won he is now 7 points clear of his nearest rival means that in the 4th and Final Tour. Sean now only needs to clinch a single frame to win the Tour Series.

Northwest Open Qualifiers 2017



Live results on MysnookerStats.com

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Qualified Players

  1. John Whitty (Holder)
  2. Clayton Humphries
  3. Brian Robertson
  4. Nathan Morris
  5. John Welsh
  6. Anthony Jeffers
  7. Wayne Brown
  8. Ian Brumby
  9. Kyle Brown
  10. Vinny Gemson
  11. Trevor Lamb
  12. Danny McDonald
  13. Andy Millward
  14. Alan Pearson
  15. Rob Marshall
  16. Andy Booker






L13 6QA

FROM 10am




EASB Masters Tour Event 4

Wayne Brown does it again only losing 2 frames all Tournament winning all of his matches with a 2.00 average.

Dominating the lead the Northwest Region Masters Ranking Table with 950 points with 2nd place held by Andrew Milliard with 752.

Group A
Round 1 Matches

Wayne Brown 3 v 0 Andrew Pennington

Michael Dickinson 3 v 0 Raymond Gent

Round 2 Matches

Wayne Brown 3 v 0 Raymond Gent

Iain Wallwork 0 v Andrew Pennington

Round 3 Matches

Wayne Brown 3 v 0 Iain Wallwork

Michael Dickenson 2 v 1 Andrew Pennington

Round 4 Matches

Michael Dickenson 3 v 0 Iain Wallwork

Raymond Gent 0 v 3 Andrew Pennington

Round 5 Matches

Wayne Brown 2 v 1 Michael Dickenson

Iain Wallwork 2 v 1 Raymond Gent

Group B

Round 1 Matches

Andrew Milliard 2 v 1 Terry McAdam

Dean Holding 2 v 1 Michael Waring

Round 2 Matches

Andrew Milliard 3 v 0 Michael Waring

Dean Holding 2 v 1 Terry McAdam

Round 3 Matches

Andrew Milliard 2 v 1 Dean Holding

Michael Waring 1 v 2 Terry McAdam

Group C

Round 1 Matches

Danny Connolly 3 v 0 John Dougan

Ian Jones 2 v 1 Michael Cousins

Round 2 Matches

Danny Connolly 1 v 2 Michael Cousins

Ian Jones 1 v 2 John Dugan

Round 3 Matches

Danny Connolly 0 v 3 Ian Jones

Michael Cousins 2 v 1 John Dugan


  • Wayne Brown
  • Andrew Milliard
  • Ian Jones
  • Michael Dickenson
  • Dean Holding
  • Michael Cousins


Quarter Finals

Dean Holden 3 v 0 Michael Dickenson

Ian Jones 3 v 2 Michael Cousins

Semi Finals

Wayne Brown 3 v 1 Dean Holding

Andrew Milliard 2 v 1 Ian Jones


Wayne Brown 3 v 0 Andrew Milliard

Easb Junior Tour 4

Q Sports host Regional Junior Tour 4 today with 7 players entered.

With 1 group of 7 and Micheal Roberts being the player not playing in the first round of matches.

Round 1 Matches

Paul Deaville 2 v 1 Lewis Ullar

Saiful Amin 3 v 0 Eden Timperley

Kayden Brierley 3 v 0 Michael Southworth

Round 2 Matches

Saiful Amin 3 v 0 Michael Southworth

Kayden Brierley 3  v 0 Paul Deaville

Lewis Ullar 1 v 2 Michael Roberts

Round 3 Matches

Saiful Amin 2 v 1 Michael Roberts

Kayden Brierley 3 v 0 Lewis Ullar

Paul Deaville 3 v 0 Eden Timperley

Round 4 Matches

Saiful Amin 1 v 2 Lewis Ullar

Michael Roberts 2 v 1 Eden Timperley

Paul Deaville 3 v 0 Michael Southworth

Round 5 Matches
Saiful Amin 0 v 3 Paul Deaville

Michael Roberts 0 v 3 Kayden Brierley

Michael Southworth 0 v 3 Eden Timperley

Round Six Matches

Kayden Brierley 3 v 0 Eden Timperley

Lewis Ullar 3 v 0Michael Southworth

Michael Roberts v Paul Deaville

Round 7 Matches 

Saiful Amin 2 v 1 Eden Timperley

Lewis Ullar 3 v 0 Michael Southworth

Michael Roberts 3 v 0 Paul Deaville

Final Results From Group Stage


Semi Final

Kayden Brierley 2 v 1 Saiful Amin

Paul Deaville 2 v 1 Lewis Ullar


Paul Deaville 0 v 2 Kayden Brierley

Northwest Junior Tour Event 2 – Wallasey – Pot Shots

The next event for Northwest Junior Tour is Event 2 at Pot Shots, 96 King St, Wallasey, Merseyside CH44 8AN; Tel: 0151-638 1570, on Sunday 10th April 10-30am Start.

pot shotsPotshots

The next tournaments are Sunday 17th at Bolton Snooker Club, Pilot Industrial Estate, Bolton Snooker & Social Club, Manchester Rd, Bolton BL3 2ND; tel:01204 386730,

Bolton Snooker Club's profile photo



the Final event of the tour is on Sunday 24th at George Scotts Snooker Club, 29 Derby Ln, Liverpool L13 6QA; Tel: 0151 228 5864


Northwest Snooker Open 2016 Results

IMG_0585Reigning Northwest Snooker Champion John Whitty retains title and makes it a hattrick of wins 1994-95, 2014-15, 2015-16. John who only dropped 2 frames through the whole tournament including qualifiers, fell just 12 points short of equalling Professional Craig Steadman’s qualifying stage break 0f 129. making a 117 break in the final as well as an 82,67, 60,57 and a 52 throughout the day. It was a great day for Merseyside Snooker With 7 of the 8 Qualifiers making it into the quarter finals only Alex Millington Losing out to fellow Merseysider Brian Robertson.

Merseyside losing Quarter finalists Jamie Jones who managed a 65 and 69 Break, Paul McCulloch and Chris Achilles. Merseyside Finished holding all four places in the Semi Finals which Included Brian Robertson, Ian Gelhardt, John Welsh Finalist and Winner John Whitty

Northwest Snooker Open Grand Finals Day

The Northwest Snooker Open Grand Finals day will take place at the Bolton Snooker and Social Club on Sunday 20th March 2016,  and can be followed on tournament page http://www.mysnookerstats.com/tournament/trn413/ with live results throughout the day.

The club will open at 10-00am, registration will be taken at 10-15am and the draw will taken place at 10-30am.

The dress code for the event is smart dress code, shoes, shirt and trousers (optional waist coat and tie or bow tie).

The following shall not be accepted, sandals, trainers, jeans, tracksuits. teeshirts.

Any player not in dress code shall not be allowed to play!!

Qualifiers Are:

  1. John Welsh
  2. John Whitty
  3. Alex Millington
  4. Jamie Jones
  5. Paul McCulloch
  6. Ian Gelhardt
  7. Chris Achilles
  8. Brian Robertson
  9. Craig Steadman -21
  10. Luke Baldwin
  11. Steve Scott
  12. David Duffy
  13. John Stephenson
  14. Mike Logan
  15. Ali Anwar
  16. James Silverwood

Draw will be drawn by players on the day, who will also draw table number to Play on.

1 2 3