Sean Maddocks steals Rocket Ronnies title.

On Sunday Sean Maddocks made history in being the youngest player to knock a Maximum 147 Break in At Leeds against Jake Nicholson in Lite-Task Pro Am series Event beating Ronnie O’Sullivans Long standing Record of 15years 98 days Sean who was only 15years 90 days old when he knocked the break. Not only that he reached the quarter finals in this the 2nd event of the series without dropping a frame winning 3-0 in the 3 matches but unfortunately lost out 3-0 to Jamie McArdle of Qs Sports Club Manchester.

Sean Maddocks pictured here with his coach Neil Johnson.

Quote from Neil Johnson”After his amazing 147 at just 15ys & 90 days in one of the most prestigious Pro-Am’s in the country, so many people are crediting Sean Maddocks with beating Ronnie O’Sullivan’s youngest record (by 8 days) in an open aged tournament. The relevant forms have now been put in to the Guinness book of records to get it ratified, or not, so we wait and see. Either way it doesn’t change what he’s done or how far he can take his potential. Would be nice to break such a long standing record set by the most talented player in the history of the game all the same.”