Northwest Open 2018 – Qualifiers Manchester

Manchester Northwest Qualifiers will be on Feburary 18th at Bolton Snooker Club.

Qualifiers depending on entries usually 1 Qualifier per 8 Entries will be confirmed one week before.

Players reaching the Qualifier Stage will automatically qualify for the Grand Finals on Sunday 8th April at George Scotts.



Players who failed to qualify from the Lancaster or Merseyside Event are INELIGiBLE to enter any of the other qualifying event held in Manchester, but players who have not play in Merseyside Event or cannot play in the Lancaster Event qualifying event, are eligible to enter and are welcome to enter this event..

All matches are played over best of Five Frames.

Smart Dress Code required (Polo shirt, Trousers, Shoes) as this is a Sponsored Event.

This is Open the all that have not yet entered this year Tournament.

£15 entry

More details to follow issue date 1st February 2018.

Current Champion Ian Brumby Pictured here: