Q School 2017

  • There are 12 two-year tour cards to be won at this year’s Q School which will start on May 9 at the Guild Hall in Preston.

There will be two knock out tournaments, with the four semi-finalists in each to earn a tour card for the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons. The remaining four tour cards will be awarded to the next four players on the Q School ranking list. All draws will be random with no seeding, and all matches best of seven frames.

Event 1 Draw

Event 2 Draw


The draws and format details have been taken from the World Snooker site

A ranking list will be compiled during Q School with players earning one point for every frame won. The leading players on that list who do not gain tour cards could potentially be offered ‘top-up’ places in main tour events during the 2017/18 season. Click here to see the provisional calendar for next season, showing when it starts and how many tournaments there are.

Once the event starts we will have links to the scores and the ranking tables.

In Bold Players known from the Northwest are:-

Event 1

Round 1

Tuesday 9th May


Match 8 – Josh Mulholland v Ng On Yee


Match 12 – Alex Taubman v Hao Hu

Match 14 – Joshua Thomond v Daryl Hill

Match 18 – Lyu Chenwei v Stephen Kershaw


Match 28 – Abu Saint v Andrew Milliard

Match 32 – Ben Murphy v Richard William King


Match 37 –  Sean O’Sullivan v Chris Jones

Match 39 –  Ian Brumby v John Fearick


Wednesday 10th May


Match 43 – Farakh Ajaib  v Declan Brennan

Match 44 – Adam Brown v Billy Joe Castle

Match 46 – Roshan Mirchandani v Jamie Mc Ardle


Match 50 – Andres Petrov v James Cahill

Match 55 – Anthony Fieldsend v Fraser Patrick


Match 60 – Anthony Jeffers v David Lilly

Match 64 – Neal Jones v Mathew Glasby


Match 71 – Joshua Cooper v Saqib Nasir


Match 76 – Ashley Hugill v Jack Culligan

Round 2

Thursday 11th May


Match 118 – Danny Connolly v winner of match 48 – Tony Knowles or Russell Morgan

Friday 12th May


Match 133 – Wayne Brown v winner of Match 67 Kuldesh Johal or Mike Hallet

Match 139 – Clayton Humphries v winner of Match 74 Hayden Pinhey or Jeremiah Connors